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科技英语写作基础(系列):阅读摘要on mesoscale currents

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Global changes in oceanic mesoscale currents over the satellite altimetry record


Oceanic mesoscale eddies play a profound role in mixing tracers such as heat, carbon and nutrients, thereby regulating regional and global climate. 


Yet, it remains unclear how the eddy field has varied over the past few decades. 


Furthermore, climate model predictions generally do not resolve mesoscale eddies, which could limit their accuracy in simulating future climate change.

评论:应该是climate prediction models



Here we show a global statistically significant increase of ocean eddy activity using two independent observational datasets of surface mesoscale eddy variability (one estimates surface currents, and the other is derived from sea surface temperature). 

评论:a global statistically significant increase没有错,但是,加一个逗号更好:a global, statistically significant increase


Maps of mesoscale variability trends show heterogeneous patterns, with eddy-rich regions showing a significant increase in mesoscale variability of 2–5% per decade, while the tropical oceans show a decrease in mesoscale variability



This readjustment of the surface mesoscale ocean circulation has important implications for the exchange of heat and carbon between the ocean and atmosphere.

评论:for the exchanges of a and b.

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