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如何写好科技英语300字短文:Part I (Feb 1,2019) 精选

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讲课用的textbook: College Writing Skills with Readings, Ninth Edition (美国大学英语写作第九版) by John Langan (available on jd for less than RMB70)。



You can get a free copy for the 7th edition:

but it is a very old version.


Part I: Essay Writing (如何写短文)

Chapter 3: The First and Second Steps in Essay Writing


This chapter will show you how to

·      Start an essay with a point, or thesis

·      Support that point, or thesis, with specific evidence


Step 2: Support the Thesis with Specific Evidence (用具体的论据支持论点)

The Importance of Specific Details

Specific details are valuable in two key ways. First, details excite the reader’s interest. Second, details serve to explain a writer’s points.

A box on p59 illustrates vague support vs. specific support.


The Importance of Adequate Details

It means providing enough specific supports, instead of using “repetition and generalities.”


Practice in Advancing and Supporting a Thesis



Identifying the Parts of an Essay

Activity 8

Activity 9: A paragraph with no indentations for new paragraphs.


Evaluating Thesis Statements

Activities 10-13


Completing Thesis Statements

Activity 14


Writing a Thesis Statement

Activity 15


Limiting a Topic and Writing a Thesis Statement

Activities 16-17


Providing Specific Evidence

Activity 18


Identifying Adequate Supporting Evidence

Activity 19


Adding Details to Complete an Essay

Activity 20






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