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[转载]First WindFloat Atlantic Turbine In Place

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First WindFloat Atlantic Turbine In Place

The first WindFloat Atlantic turbine has arrived at its final destination off the coast of Viana do Castelo in Portugal.

First WindFloat Atlantic Turbine In PlaceSource: MHI Vestas

The fully-assembled platform and its 8.4MW MHI Vestas turbine set off from the Spanish Port of Ferrol towards its final destination 20km off the coast of Viana do Castelo yesterday, 21 October.

“We’re breaking new ground with the WindFloat Atlantic installation, so we’re intent on gathering the necessary data and insights to carry forward into future floating offshore wind projects,” said Flemming Ougaard, MHI Vestas Chief Operations Officer.

In the coming months, two other platforms will be added to complete the wind farm which, with its 25MW installed capacity, will be able to generate enough energy to supply the equivalent of 60,000 users each year.

The three floating structures – stretching 30m in height and with a distance between each one of their columns of 50m – will form the first floating wind farm in continental Europe.

The project is led by the Windplus consortium, comprising EDP Renewables (54.4%), Engie (25%), Repsol (19.4%), and Principle Power Inc. (1.2%).


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