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Brexitvote drives UK academics to think about leavingBrexit


Manyresearchers also object to proposed higher-education reforms, says survey.


·      Daniel Cressey

·       丹尼尔·克雷西


09January 2017

Corrected: 10January 2017

A survey ofmore than 1,000 UK-based university staff suggests that the country’s vote to leave the European Union could drive an academic exodus.


Forty-twoper cent of lecturers and professors surveyed say they are more likely toconsider leaving the UK higher-education sector as a result of the referendumoutcome. The proportion was even greater (76%) among the non-UK EU citizens inthe survey, commissioned by the University and College Union, which representstens of thousands of academics and is based in London.


Many individual foreignresearchers have said they feel less welcome in Britain after the Brexit vote,or that they now see better opportunities abroad. But the latest poll is one ofthe clearest indications of the widespread nature of this feeling in UKacademia.


The surveyalso reveals huge opposition to the UK government’s controversial plans toreform higher education (HE) and research. More than half of academics thinkthat the proposal to merge the nine UK research funding agencies into one body — currently beingdebated in Parliament — will have a negative impact. Just 9% think it would bea positive move. Even greater proportions think that there will be negativeimpacts from other changes, such as plans to make it easier for newuniversities to be set up.


“The levelof concern amongst staff about the bill’s plans must be cause for alarm,” saidSally Hunt, the union’s general secretary, in a statement. “The government mustfocus its full attention on dealing with the impacts of Brexit and shelve thedivisive HE bill.”

工会总主席Sally Hunt在一份声明中说:“工会成员对法案计划的关注程度必须引起警觉。政府必须把注意力集中在处理Brexit的影响上,搁置具有分裂性的HE提议。“



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