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If John von Neumann falls in Nietzsche\'s eyes

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伯特兰·阿瑟·威廉·罗素(Bertrand Arthur William Russell)抱憾终身的也许有学者们对他超越逻辑的哲学研究和人类的知识的评价事与愿违。但他确实像是一双跌跌撞撞出了深宫大院的好奇的眼睛,越来越匆忙的应付总结,却还想抓住渐行渐远的思想本质。约翰.罗素感到了作为儿女正在承担父母的心灵父母的责任,可伯兰特却已过自我世俗成熟的巅峰。--难道这才是“罗素深陷其中的生活悖论”?

这样百无一用的不经世者却更有可能对百无一用的学术进行最贴切的总结。虽然真正的哲学本质上不应当不兼容全面的,无处出版的 《查拉图斯特拉如是说》却不妨成为全面的一部分或者侧影,辩证的来看内容和内容的对立是被同时确立的,辨别的智慧是不能强求的。

若宁静却可以致远,那嘈杂也该致真,偏见需要偏见来进行一致的辩证。--YUCONG DUAN

Stephen 讲Good 的对立面是too much attention。那么过犹不及也是过的对立,以偏概全既然难以避免,避免以偏概全可能也是虚的。


Bertrand Arthur William Russell's lifelong lament that perhaps some of the scholars' evaluations of his philosophical studies beyond logic and of human knowledge backfired. But he does seem like a pair of curious eyes that have stumbled out of the deep palace compound, and he is getting more and more hasty to deal with the conclusion, but he still wants to grasp the essence of the thoughts that are drifting away. John Russell felt that his children were taking on the responsibility of their parents' spiritual parents, but Berlant had passed the peak of his secular maturity. Such useless scholars are most likely to make the most appropriate summary of useless scholarship. Although the essence of true philosophy should not be incompatible with the comprehensive, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", which has nowhere to be published, may as well be a part or silhouette of the comprehensive. From a dialectical point of view, the opposition between content and content is established at the same time , the wisdom of discernment cannot be forced.

Prejudice needs prejudice to engage in consistent dialectics. --YUCONG DUAN


The DIKW model of (tech-know-logical) reality shares definitely a philosophical intersection, that is information philosophy or meta-theory of the information age.

In this sense, it is a new chapter in human intellectual history, with respect to the natural dialectics of human mind and technology evolution.

Only humans have history. Through our linguistic ability and social co-operation, we human beings have over centuries achieved (it is not nature-given) a greater degree of purpose and agency than any other species. As a result, we not only have a history, but can make history.


“The sciences do not try to explain, they hardly even try to interpret, they mainly make models. By a model is meant a mathematical construct which, with the addition of certain verbal interpretations, describes observed phenomena. The justification of such a mathematical construct is solely and precisely that it is expected to work. When we talk mathematics, we may be discussing a secondary language built on the primary language truly used by the central nervous system.” ― John von Neumann


Congrats for this work on DIKW philosophy, Yucong Duan

Best: stephen

Dear Stephen,

Could we try to use DIKW+Purpose to model the subjective-objective integration which is although not the aim/purpose of DIKWP? One tricky issue is that Data by its conceptual instances specifically represent one or more semantics which can be consciously discerned but not labelled by a single symbol/notation/figure. Starting from discerning the target of Data Concept and the target of Data Semantics, we could avoid the implicit resort to apriori of understanding of some categories/concepts.



semantics of concepts and concepts representing semantics have been mixed by many including Wittgenstein. If we distinguish Data as Data concept DC and the 1 or n "sameness" semantics of the Data concept DC. Discussion by distinguishing the targets of Semantics and Concepts representing semantics will get clear.

"primary language truly used by the central nervous system.” ― John von Neumann

Does John von Neumann refer a language as comprising Concepts solely? If we don't prioritize Semantics ahead of Concepts, we would get relativity eventually both on speaker side and on audience side, and between the two sides.

Schopenhauer. (1969). The world as will and representation two volumes. Translated by E.F.J. Payne.Dover

-I prefer to equalize Will to Purpose in DIKWP. Purpose is not necessarily predetermined but can evolve with uncertainty.

JvNeumann Yucong Duan would prioritize semantics over concepts as primary function of our nervous system; in addition, human purpose (=will) is surely not (pre-) deterministic or ordinated, i.e. we humans have received the evolutionary opportunity to mentalize between stimulus and response, which is a key postulate of cognitive psychological science.




The human brain is, after all, the best example we have of an intelligent system. If we can learn its methods, we can use these biologically inspired paradigms to build more intelligent machines. This book is the earliest serious examination of the human brain from the perspective of a mathematician and computer pioneer. Prior to von Neumann, the fields of computer science and neuroscience were two islands with no bridge between them.” ― John von Neumann, The Computer and the Brain

We do not know where in the physically viewed nervous system a memory resides; we do not know whether it is a separate organ or a collection of specific parts of other already known organs, etc.” ― John von Neumann, The Computer and the Brain

All existing machines and memories use "direct addressing," which is to say that every word in the memory has a numerical address of its own that characterizes it and its position within the memory (the total aggregate of all hierarchic levels) uniquely.” ― John von Neumann, The Computer and the Brain

The linear size of a neuron varies widely from one nerve cell to the other, since some of these cells are contained in closely integrated large aggregates and have, therefore, very short axons, while others conduct pulses between rather remote parts of the body and may, therefore, have linear extensions comparable to those of the entire human body.” ― John von Neumann, The Computer and the Brain

Wishing you a great weekend, dear Yucong Duan

Best: stephen

"JvNeumann Yucong Duan would prioritize semantics over concepts as primary function of our nervous system"--Dear Stephen, I would like to expect the same. Could you detail this not necessarily by JvNeumann?

If Nietzsche would classify JV Neumann's materialization attitude towards investigating the relationship between engineering and neuroscience as outstanding as the other famous figures, I would like to agree that Occum razor seems don't function as expected since so many concepts are introduced instead of semantics are explicitly manipulated.

I don't even think that those respected philosophers need to presume the apriori of subjective and objective, and thereafter investigate and be divided.

By Occum razor, the concepts of subjective and objective, and their corresponding cognition of their semantics could be constructed without apriori.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Yucong Duan


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