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Theoretical Physics Frontier Forum in memory of Shiing Shen Chern and celebrating Chen-Ning Yang’s 89th birthday


The Theoretical Physics Frontier Forum was held at Nankai University on June 1719, 2011, to celebrate the opening of the memorial of Shiing Shen Chern couple and Chen-Ning Yang’s 89th birthday. Over 300 physicists and Physics students, including Chen-Ning Yang, Ching-Wu Chu, Yongshi Wu, Bai-Lin Hao, our journal’s editors-in-chief Professors En-Ge Wang and Kuang-Ta Chao, and about 30 academicians and oversea famous physicists, attended the forum.


During the two days forum, Profs. Chen-Ning Yang, Ching-Wu Chu, Bai-Lin Hao, Bang-Fen Zhu, En-Ge Wang, Yu-Ping Huo, Guang-Can Guo, Chang-Pu Sun, Jian-Wei Pan, Yu-Peng Wang, You-Quan Li, Gui-Lu Long, and Tao Xiang gave brilliant lectures on cold atoms, high temperature superconductivity, Gene/DNA Sequencing, topological insulators, study of water at surfaces, statistical physics, quantum manipulation of light and cold atoms, and strongly correlated quantum systems, respectively.


The managing editors of the journal “Frontiers of Physics” and Textbooks of Landau Series also attended the forum. Some physicists, such as Ching-Wu Chu at Houston University  and Yongshi Wu at Utah Universiy, have consented to draft articles for us.


                                                    Ke Gong, Chen-Ning Yang, and Pu Chen


                                                         Pu Chen and Ching-Wu Chu


                                                 Chen-Ning Yang's lecture on cold atoms

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