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在非常认真地阅读Viktore E. Frankl的英文版Man's Search for Meaning,同时也顺便浏览类似的出版物。看到了赫赫有名的人物写了下面一段,觉得令人,至少是部分,大跌眼镜。贴出来欣赏一下吧。


Prisoners were treated with great contempt, as lower forms of life, but the guards never dared to apply torture. It was against the rules.


Prisoners would quarrel amongst themselves. When they came to blows and caused a commotion, the guard outside would come in and stop them. Sometimes the younger hooligans would bully and make fun of some silly old men who they disliked. There was an old Chinese Catholic, over sixty, who sometimes would mutter prayers and sing to himself the "Ave Maria", and this got on their nerves. Then the young hooligans would throw bedding over his head and beat him up. They would not beat him too viciously or cause him any harm, because he was too old and frail; but then afterwards the old man would sing to himself the "Ave Maria" again. I think that old Catholic was later released. The young hooligans never had any trouble with me. 到此,话锋一转,就有了如下陈述。They all liked and respected me, and thought of me as their teacher. They asked me to teach them Chinese poetry and some English to while away their time, .... (p. 245)

人可以不同情其他人,可以不制止其他人欺负其他人。同为阶下囚,有必要自鸣得意吗?找一找Viktore E. Frankl的书里面,有没有自鸣得意的段子吧。


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