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5.Progress and Prospect of Quantitative Research on Divination in Yijing

摘要:Yijing possesses inherent principles and logic, and it has achieved consensus as an auxiliary decision-making function. Research on Yijing has been validated in the field of superpsychology, primarily focusing on individuals. However, the universal value of Yijing extends beyond individual divination or telepsychological induction, and there are untapped scientific potential values associated with it. Consequently, many scholars studying Yijing, including those in Chinese medicine, attempt to decipher its internal scientific mechanism through quantitative methods. In summary, scientific quantitative analysis of Yijing can be categorized into several approaches. These include quantification based on Yijing itself (binary and hexagram order), as well as quantification based on mathematical statistics, probability, and calculus. Another approach involves quantification based on expert knowledge, as well as the quantification of timewave curves and Yi-globle. Significant progress has been made in all of these quantitative research areas within the scientific paradigm. Nevertheless, future quantification of Yijing may explore rule-based evolutionary analysis, incorporating artificial intelligence technology, and conduct quantitative analysis based on the evolutionary process and results. There is even potential to deepen this research with tools such as ChatGPT. Additionally, the focus of Yijing divination may shift from individual events to group events, accompanied by space-time modeling and analysis through the construction of a new coordinate system.

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