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Dear Editor XX and Reviewers,

Thanks very much for taking your time to review this manuscript. I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions! Please find my itemized responses in below and my revisions/corrections in the re-submitted files. (这一段基本上是套话)

Thanks again!


SUGGESTIONS FROM EDITOR(注意这一段要把编辑原始的建议粘贴在这里,不能只有回应)
Your response to the general comments from the editor


Reviewer #1:
Response to the questions one by one

Reviewer #2:
Response to the questions one by one

模板2: 完整版本


Dear Editor, Dear reviewers

Thank you for your letter dated February 22. We were pleased to know that our work was rated as potentially acceptable for publication in Journal, subject to adequate revision. We thank the reviewers for the time and effort that they have put into reviewing the previous version of the manuscript. Their suggestions have enabled us to improve our work. Based on the instructions provided in your letter, we uploaded the file of the revised manuscript. Accordingly, we have uploaded a copy of the original manuscript with all the changes highlighted by using the track changes mode in MS Word.

Appended to this letter is our point-by-point response to the comments raised by the reviewers. The comments are reproduced and our responses are given directly afterward in a different color (red).

We would like also to thank you for allowing us to resubmit a revised copy of the manuscript.

We hope that the revised manuscript is accepted for publication in the Journal of Mountain Science.




Reviewer 1:
Comments to the Author



Here are the general comments from the reviewer...
We thank the reviewer for the very interesting comment. In fact…

Regarding the suggestion about the methods, we changed this part…

Another issue on the methodological section is that...
We are grateful for the suggestion. To be more clear and in accordance with the reviewer concerns, we have added a brief description as follows: “


Minor comments:

The title is too long, I suggest shortening. Modified throughout the text according to the comment (Line 20, page 1). Thank you for the title suggested. The precedent version of the title has been replaced, becoming...

Line 25, page 1…
Modified throughout the text according to the comment (Line 20, page 1).

Line 18, page 2… We have modified the sentence according to the previous comment (Line 30, page 2).

Line 33, page 3…
Thank you for underlining this deficiency. This section was revised and modified according to the information showed in the work suggested by the reviewer (Line 41, page 3).

Line 59, page 5…
This phrase was modified according to the comment (Line 30, page 5).

Lines 9-24, page 6… Thank you for the suggestion. We have added the information required as explained above (Lines 6-28, page 6).

Line 11, page 6…
This sentence was rephrased according to the comment (Line 8, page 6).

Line 35, page 13: “exit section”->”outlet” (please check also throughout the text, e.g. at line 54, page 13)
We have modified this expression throughout the text according to the comment.

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