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153 顿悟:have a good day

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晨悟:小朋友假期结束第一天上学,下车后我们互道“have a good day”。突然间觉醒,a good day不仅是一个良好的愿望,实则应该是自我的生活态度。每一天都是good day, have a good day不是期望别人的赏赐,而是提醒自己,美好的一天已经开始。

This morning when I dropped my son off at his school we said “have a good day” to each other as normal. But an unnormal thought pop up in my mind like a sudden awakened “a good day is not only a good wish, but actually should be one’s own attitude towards life. Every day is a good day, since it is a gift. To have a good day is not to expect rewards from others, but to remind ourselves that a good day has already begun."

2023-01-09 Saskatoon


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