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Do it home to save life from drowning of coronavirus

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Almost all deceased victims are drowned by mucus accumulated at bottom of lung "sponge", where air is supposedly to fill alveoli, but then is unfortunately crammed by viscous mucus.

The obvious comparison by chest X-ray images of normal & abnormal:

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Even ventilator is hooked up, patients, up to 80%, will still be died of mucus-drowning, because there would be no way to infuse oxygen through phlegm plug.

For a health or so-so subhealth person, lung-bottom mucus can be pumped by arrays of cilia to upper respiratory tract, then will easily be spit out by coughs or sneezes.

But for a COVID-19 patient, the entangled cilia is too weak to wigglingly pump its surrounding slime waste or mucus, which most elements are those dead cells + new generations of virus, then mucus get thicker, and coughs futilely bring out nothing.

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There is about 30cm from throat to bottom of lung, so the pump normal pressure differential should be above 0.44 psi or 3 kpa, and there is no problem for workable cilia-micro-pump arrays along mucus transportation way; but, thick mucus with 50+% more density will need at least 5 kpa to be pumped out, which is beyond cilia capability.

Even in difficult situation with failed biologic pump, there is always an energy-free pump ready for use, i.e. the gravity pump, and it is accessible at home, if one have this fitness tool:

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By upsidedowning patient body | torso, now the accumulated mucus can naturally flow downwards from bottom of lung to throat, if mucus viscosity is agreeable.

Not every decline bench created equal, and the above simple one seems only good for young patients, but may not fit 65+ years old seniors who are physically weak, and anyway, one day, there must exist a technical path to design & realize easy controllable powered version, even in shape of comfortable bed.

Current purchasable decline beds are all up-decline models, not fit for coronavirus treatment, that's why hospital staffs have to prone patients as showed bellow:

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For patients in severe phase, thick mucus may be not in flowable condition, so before using the tool, special measure should be taken by inhalation of thinning vapor, such as acetylcysteine, alcohol, even simple water hot vapor.

Following picture shows ultrasonic vaporizer with face mask, and for best efficacy, acetylcysteine or alcohol has to be solved in solution, then load into cartridge.

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Above picture shows a regular heated humidifier, and handy guys can customize a hose + mask to couple with face. Even can hot mist alone liquify effectively the slimy mucus, and deactivate virus in somewhat degree though not 100% kill.

Still failed to find a vaporizer or mist generator around any corner of your home? Anyway, perhaps you are an e-cigarette smoker, but now please no longer use it for regular pleasure, just go to repurpose it for vaporizing acetylcysteine solution.

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Some statistic studies show that there is low ratio of smokers amongst infected population, and I guess it doesn't credit to nicotine, but to the hot vapor of water in smoke.

I may believe you have none of aboves stuffs, but don't believe you even have not a kettle in kitchen; That is fine, it is also OK to inhale steam from a boiling kettle, just keep reasonable distance so as to inhale about 50°C vapor.

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It's reported that many Chinese taskforcers of hospitals have gotten rid of infection by often doing this simple means when they went home, though extreme high risk workplaces.

Even in very severe stage and no chance to be supported by ventilator or ECMO in hospital, patients can still survive by exercising above DIY procedure.

As long as lung bottom mucus is drained, easy respiration + good food will support patient to eventually conquer coronavirus with expectable forthcoming antibody generation.

Synthesis of antibody will consume lots of protein, therefore patients must eat enough eggs, fishes, porks, beefs or other meat with high protein content, and force yourself to eat, even without any appetite.


For a vegetarian, please pause or stop your food spectra of pure carbohydrates, immediately change to high protein foods in order to grow sufficient antibody by immune system.

Trace element selenium Se can boost immune system, and is buyable in most drug shops, why not to grab some in this special time?

Because too many free radicals during infection, I also suggest higher dose usage of vitamins VC & VE: VC up to 3000 mg/day, VE up to 1000 IU/day.

Despite high death risk with treatment by ventilator in hospital, but if using 3-way hose fitting to add inlet of acetylcysteine-dispersed hot mist for declotting phlegm-plugs, then death risk will be greatly reduced, as illustrated below:

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To save lives as more as possible, I sincerely request all readers share this article as vast as possible to your connections and communities, and thanks a million!

Last but not least:

Prevention is always the better choice than above relieving exercise, and more simpler.

My earlier article introduced a preventive method:

Daily-artificially-induced-sneezes can prevent or mitigate coronavirus

I even have a free invention to fight COVID-19:

My free invention of space sterilizer to kill coronavirus

Thank Mr. Gu Hongbo for his innovation of gravity draining corona virus!







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