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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.22 保存条件对DNA的影响
2019-5-22 07:54
英文文章暂时耗尽 今天就先中文了 质量不高。。。 后面几天飘在海上 估计没机会发了 断更几天 回来后尽量补上 研究了海带、亨氏马尾藻、浒苔、龙须菜、长心卡帕藻 5 种大型海藻样品的不同保存条件对其 DNA 提取和分子遗传学研 ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.21 海藻养殖对渔场鱼类影响
2019-5-21 13:33
我想在这里发海藻生态图 慢慢做科普用 不知大佬们有何见解 目前正处于思考和收集初期材料资料阶段 望指教 In recent years, several indicators have been proposed to assess the effect of human activities on ecosystemsprovisioning capacity. So ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.20 人工海草设计对海藻场水动力性能评估4
2019-5-20 21:20
hahahahahaaahahha 今天520 还好我吃的不是太饱 继续海藻水动力特征 最后一集 From the findings in this master thesis, future development of an artificial seaweed model for use as a surrogate of L. saccharina, should focus on models with undulate shape. Furthermore, to ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.19 人工海草设计对海藻场水动力性能评估3
2019-5-19 11:08
继续~~ The main finding of this master thesis, was that in contrary to the findings of Vettori (2016), flat blades do not seem to be a good representation of the undulate kelp L. saccharina. Agreeing with the findings of Paul and Henry (2014), it is likely that the models behave different ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.18 人工海草设计对海藻场水动力性能评估2
2019-5-18 19:03
别问我怎么这么晚才发,单纯想拖,,,,,(今天出海了) The objective of this master thesis was to add to the knowledge of the hydrodynamics of seaweeds, more specifically Laminaria saccharina, the sugar kelp, to help future assessment of the hydrodynamic properties of seaweed farms. This ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.17 人工海草设计对海藻场水动力性能评估1
2019-5-17 20:37
这篇文章是很久以前看的,本来预存的文章用完了,突然想起来了这篇,就用这篇了,顺便又学习一下,由于该文章比较长,我就分开发了。 In recent years the prospect of having a seaweed industry in Norway has become of interest. Assessing the hydrodynamic properties of seaweed farms through experi ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.15 中国沿海马尾藻属多样性及其区系分布特征
2019-5-16 11:01
存货文献用完了,今天算是半翻译的中文,明天更什么? Based on the materials from some field investigations along China coasts by authors and the references referring to genus Sargassum from China seas, the study on its species diversity and distribution was conducted using method of stati ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.15 海洋微藻鉴定与培养条件选择
2019-5-15 13:32
我又又又又又拖更了 During a survey for marine microalgal resources, we isolated a rare marine euglenoid from the coastal waters of Qingdao, China in 2009, and established a pure culture. Electron microscopic and molecular phylogenetic (18S rDNA and 16S rDNA sequences) analyses revealed ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.14
2019-5-14 08:22
要baoga了 Lobophora rosacea C.W. Vieira, Payri et De Clerck is reported from the South China Sea for the first time. Our specimens are very similar to L . rosacea recently described from New Caledonia, not only in morphology but also in rbcL and cox3 gene sequences. The fan-shaped thall ...
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分享 我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.13 光合生物转化为寄生物的基因进化研究(红藻)
2019-5-12 22:34
听说明天停电 提前更 做的比较急 质量不高 Many of the most virulent and problematic eukaryotic pathogens have evolved from photosynthetic ancestors, such as apicomplexans, which are responsible for a wide range of ...
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