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Lobophora rosacea C.W. Vieira, Payri et De Clerck is reported from the South China Sea for the first time. Our specimens are very similar to L . rosacea recently described from New Caledonia, not only in morphology but also in rbcL and cox3 gene sequences. The fan-shaped thallus grows erectly, attaching to the substrate by a basal holdfast. The thallus is composed of a single layer of large medullary cells and three to four layers of cortical cells on both sides of the medulla. Mature sporophytes are detected, with sporangium sori scattered on both surfaces of the thallus.

Lobophora rosacea C.W Vieira, Payri et De Clerck 是首次从中国南海报导。我们的标本很类似于最近从新喀里多尼亚记录的L. rosacea不是仅仅在形态学而且在 rbcL 和 cox3 基因序列上也非常相似。扇形的叶状体直立地成长,通过固着器紧紧贴附在基底。叶状体由单层的大髓质细胞的和髓质两侧的各三至四层外皮细胞组成。成熟孢子体被检测,在叶状体的两表面上散布着孢子囊群。

参考文献:New record of Lobophora rosacea (Dictyotales; Phaeophyceae) from the South China Sea


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