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我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.20 人工海草设计对海藻场水动力性能评估4

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继续海藻水动力特征    最后一集

From the findings in this master thesis, future development of an artificial seaweed model for use as a surrogate of L. saccharina, should focus on models with undulate shape. Furthermore, to ease comparison with the hydrodynamic properties of the real seaweed, models should have the least amount of distorted parameters as possible.This to help uncover which parameters can be removed, and which are needed to correctly replicate important aspects of the seaweed hydrodynamics. In addition to looking at drag force,how the model influences the flow structure compared to the real seaweed should be examined.The reason for this being that oxygen and nutrient uptake are important factors to consider when optimizing seaweed farming.

从本论文的研究结果来看,人工海草模型(以L. saccharina为例)的未来研究方向应该是一种具有起伏形状的模型。此外,为了便于与真正海草型的水动力特性进行比较,模型应尽可能减少畸变参数。这将有助于删除那些参数,以及正确地复制海草水动力特征的重要方面。除了观察拖曳力,检验模型如何影响流动结构应并与实际海草影响流动结构相比。这是因为氧气和养分吸收是优化海草场生产时必须考虑的重要因素。

参考文献:Design of Artificial Seaweeds for Assessment of Hydrodynamic Properties of Seaweed Farms


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