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我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.13 光合生物转化为寄生物的基因进化研究(红藻)

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Many of the most virulent and problematic eukaryotic pathogens have evolved from photosynthetic ancestors, such as apicomplexans, which are responsible for a wide range of diseases including malaria and toxoplasmosis. The primary barrier to understanding the early stages of evolution of these parasites has been the diffificulty in fifinding parasites with closely related free-living lineages with which to make comparisons. Parasitesfound throughout the flflorideophyte red algal lineage, however, provide a unique and powerful model to investigate the genetic origins of a parasitic lifestyle. This is because they share a recent common ancestor with an extant free-living red algal species and parasitism has independently arisen over 100 times within this group. Here, we synthesize the relevant hypotheses with respect to how these parasites have proliferated. We also place red algal research in the context of recent developments in understanding the genome evolution of other eukaryotic photosynthesizers turned parasites.


参考文献:Red algal parasites: Models for a life history evolution that leaves photosynthesis behind again and again



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