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我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.17 人工海草设计对海藻场水动力性能评估1

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In recent years the prospect of having a seaweed industry in Norway has become of interest. Assessing the hydrodynamic properties of seaweed farms through experiments can help optimize its design and thereby potential amount of biomass produced.However, there are difficulties associated with using seaweeds for experimental purposes, such as deterioration of the biological material when exposed to environments different from where they were harvested. Moreover, many facilities do not allow for biological material to be introduced.Consequently, to be able to assess hydrodynamic properties of seaweed farms, artificial seaweeds that accurately replicate important features of seaweed biomechanics and hydrodynamics are needed. It is important that the these properties are correctly reproduced on both blade and patch scale.


参考文献:Design of Artificial Seaweeds for Assessment of Hydrodynamic Properties of Seaweed Farms


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