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我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.19 人工海草设计对海藻场水动力性能评估3

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The main finding of this master thesis, was that in contrary to the findings of Vettori (2016), flat blades do not seem to be a good representation of the undulate kelp L. saccharina. Agreeing with the findings of Paul and Henry (2014), it is likely that the models behave differently from the real seaweed due to different material density and therefore buoyancy.The reason for this conclusion can be seen from the video footage, showing that the models were behaving more similarly to a"bending"plant rather than a"tensile"plant at lower velocities.The Vogel exponent also had distinctly different behavior for the lower compared to higher velocities. These two regions of velocity could be found by looking at the angle between the flow and model. As L. saccharina has been shown to have near neutral buoyancy in water(Vettori, 2016), it is likely to behave as a ’tensile’ plant even at lower velocities, unlike the models tested.


参考文献:Design of Artificial Seaweeds for Assessment of Hydrodynamic Properties of Seaweed Farms


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