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Editing made easy (关于英语写作的书)

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Editing Made Easy: Simple Rules for Effective Writing 

By Bruce Kaplan


As the title states, this book is designed to be easy to use for all writers. It offers straightforward, practical guidelines for editing, without getting into the weeds of advanced English grammar. You will find no loftier technical grammatical terms here, such as present perfect progressive, correlative conjunctions, imperative mood or interrogative adjective. However, much of the advice in this book is not to be written in stone. English is a flexible language, and writing a creative calling. As you will see, there are many acceptable ways for writers to express themselves. What you will find in this book is:

--How to avoid the most common errors of grammar and spelling.

--How to spot typographical and factual errors.

--Understanding the styles of print and online media.

--How to make your writing more exciting and dynamic.

--And improving your odds of having your work published.

The goal of this book is simple―to put the odds on the writers’ side; to increase your chances of being published or finding success as a reporter, feature writer, novelist, freelance writer, blogger, Web developer, Web editor, communications consultant, advertising copywriter, speechwriter or public relations consultant―in fact, anything involving the written word.







The golden rules

    for professional writing and editing


These 12 golden rules are your first step toward becoming a skilled editor. Learn them and never forget them. They are the key to your success.

1.   Write and edit to express, not to impress.

2.   Always write/edit so everything can be easily understood.

3.   Always write/edit so that nothing can be misunderstood.

4.   Say what you mean, clearly and simply.

5.   Use short sentences.

6.   Use short paragraphs.

7.   Use the simplest words possible.

8.   Write in the active voice.

9.   Avoid unnecessary words.

10.                 Use verbs for action.

11.                 Avoid cliches and jargon.

12.                 If in doubt, leave it out.


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