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       我们提交了一份“EGU23 session proposal” (SSP–Stratigraphy, Sedimentology & Palaeontology之下的SSP2 - Stratigraphy, Earth Systems History and Climate Geology):

       Proposed title: Sedimentary deposits affected by ocean circulation: archives of climate and ocean changes

       Proposed convener: Shu Gao

       Proposed co-conveners: Michele Rebesco, Edward Anthony, Karen Gariboldi

       Ocean circulation has varied considerably in the geological past impacting sediment deposition and distribution. As a result the spatial distribution patterns of sedimentary deposits respond to changes in circulation in different settings (e.g. those associated with ocean basin, marginal sea basin, shelf circulations). The cyclicity of the deposits reflects the strength of the various currents and the magnitude of sediment supply, which are influenced by climate and ocean changes. Consequently, the circulation induced changes in sedimentary deposits should contain signals of such changes. This session will invite presentations concerned with studies focused on climate induced changes in sedimentary deposits including but not limited to: (1) geological processes related to climate change and ocean circulation that are  affecting the formation, composition and characteristics of deposits; (2) the dynamics and system behaviour of cyclicity related to external forcing and sediment supply; (3) methods and techniques for the analyses of astronomically and environmentally generated periodicity/cyclicity in the strata; (4) ocean changes recorded in the sequences of sedimentary basins, deep ocean bottom drift systems, continental shelves and upwelling systems; and (5) indices of circulation induced deposits reflecting interactions between ocean and climate changes.

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