Apply today for the 2022 Science-PINS Prize for Neuromodula

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       Apply today for the 2022 Science-PINS Prize for Neuromodulation

Prize Details

About the Prize

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The Science & PINS Prize is awarded for innovative research that modulates neural activity through physical (electrical, magnetic, optical) stimulation of targeted sites in the nervous system with implications for translational medicine. Established in 2016, the prize is administered by Science and Science Translational Medicine and awarded annually for outstanding research as described in a 1,500 word essay based on research performed in the past three years.

The winner of the Science & PINS Prize for Neuromodulation is awarded US$25,000 and publication of his or her essay in Science. The Grand Prize essay and that of the Runner-up are also published on Science Online. The award is announced and presented at a ceremony usually in September each year. PINS will provide financial support to help enable the grand prize winner to attend the ceremony.

About Science/AAAS

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is the world's largest general scientific society, and publisher of the journals, ScienceScience Translational MedicineScience SignalingScience Advances, Science Immunology, and Science Robotics. AAAS was founded in 1848, and includes some 254 affiliated societies and academies of science, serving 10 million individuals. Science, founded by Thomas Edison, has the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed general science journal in the world, with an estimated total readership of more than 400,000.

The non-profit AAAS——is open to all and fulfills its mission to "advance science and serve society" through initiatives in science policy, international programs, science education, and more. Science's daily online news is always free to the public, as are editorials, any paper with broad public health significance, and all research articles 12 months after publication. Science further participates in various efforts to provide free access for scientists in the world's poorest countries.

AboutScience Translational Medicine

Science Translational Medicine, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, is the leading weekly online journal publishing research at the intersection of science, engineering and medicine. The goal of Science Translational Medicine is to promote human health by providing a forum for communicating the latest biomedical research findings across all established and emerging disciplines relevant to medicine. Despite 50 years of advances in our fundamental understanding of human biology and the emergence of powerful new technologies, the translation of this knowledge into effective new treatments and health measures has been slow. Science Translational Medicine seeks to publish articles that identify and fill the scientific knowledge gaps at the junction of biomedical research and medical application in order to accelerate the translation of this knowledge into new strategies for preventing, diagnosing and treating human disease.

About PINS

Beijing PINS Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Changpin Garden, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Beijing, China. As an innovative high-tech enterprise with focus on neuromodulation, a variety of clinical products have been developed to date, which include stimulators for deep brain, vagus nerve, spinal cord and sacral nerve stimulation therapies. PINS Medical devotes itself to providing cutting edge treatments for patients who suffer from neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, chronic pain and uroclepsia.

With an outstanding reputation as a high-tech healthcare corporation, PINS Medical has a primary mission for providing innovative, high-quality products and services for patients to improve quality of life.

The name of PINS is derived from a Chinese word with the original meaning of “Magic Pin”, the ability to cure every disease. PINS is also an abbreviation of “Patient Is No.1 always”. This clearly presents the goal of PINS Medical for “restoring hope”, not simply as an innovation company but also across society to citizens.   

Looking into the future with the continuous rise in incidence of neuropsychiatric disorders and increased social burden across the globe, PINS Medical along with local government, research centers, companies and top academic scientists, are now developing innovative therapies through innovative research projects.   


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