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SEL Special Issue on Biodiversity and Ecological Functions of Soil Fauna Is Calling for Papers


ISSN 2662-2289 (Print)

ISSN 2662-2297 (Online)

Background, Objectives and Scope

Soil fauna are normally categorized into microfauna, mesofauna and macrofauna, with tens of thousands of species for each kind. Soil fauna occupy different trophic levels in the soil food web, and play critical role in soil processes such as energy flow and matter transformation by mediating soil microbial community and through trophic interactions. Soil fauna are sensitive to environmental change and therefore can be used as bioindicators for environmental health. Besides, there is a great potential of application of soil fauna in biodegradation and biomedication. Therefore, the diversity and ecological functions of soil fauna has attracted great attention in recent years. The proposed special issue will invite contributions that represent various aspects of science and technology and recent innovations in the field of the diversity and ecological functions of soil fauna.

The main topics include:

●Biodiversity and biogeographic distribution of soil fauna

● Soil fauna as bioindicators of environmental health

● Application of soil fauna in biodegradation and bioremediation

● Soil fauna as biocontrol agents and bioresources

● The role of soil fauna in nutrient cycling and SOM transformation



About the Journal and Submission Procedure

Soil Ecology Letters (SEL) is an authoritative source of information for professionals in the broad field of soil ecology, jointly published by Springer and Higher Education Press, and supported by the Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences. More information on the journal is available at and



All submissions have to be prepared according to the Guide for Authors as published in the Journal website at Authors should clearly indicate their manuscript is intended for the special issue Biodiversity and Ecological Functions of Soil Fauna when submitting their manuscript online. All contributions must not have been previously published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.



Important Dates:

Paper submissions start: April 1, 2020

Paper submissions due: August 1, 2020

Expected Issue date: December 1, 2020



Guest Editors of the Special Issue:

Prof. Shenglei Fu

Henan University 



Prof. Weixin Zhang

Henan University

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