Grand Unified Theory of the Universe

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      The vast universe is boundless; the macro and micro things typically complement each other. The macro breed micro, and micro decide macro; they are interdependent and causal to each other with no logical starting point. According to present research of physics, it is more reasonable that the vacuum is not empty! It seems that the things are corporeal vacuum, and vacuum is the invisible things (matter protoplasm). The author inherited and developed the Kaluza-Klein theory; by applying Einstein's relativity to micro field, a new theoretical system is established. In 5-dimensional space, it is revealed that the spin, mass and charge properties of elementary particles are essentially a space-constrained photon with wave motion. The mass, charge, radius and fine structure constant of elementary particles can all be calculated and verified theoretically. After the radius of electron, proton and neutron are ascertained, the four forces in nature, including the gravitation, are unified, and after all these have been done, we find the universe in the end turns out to be a geometrical.

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