海外来鸿(4):Climatic Change Research

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Please note that the National Institute for Climatic Change Research 
released its fourth RFP on March 1, 2008.  See
for the full announcement.   Preproposals are required, and are due 
5:00 PM Pacific Time, May 16, 2008.   Full proposals will only be 
accepted from applicants who: (1) submit a compliant preproposal on 
time and (2) are informed by NICCR that their preproposal was 
selected to be developed into a full proposal.

Multi-investigator/collaborative proposals will be entertained.   
Full details are given in the RFP.

Best wishes,

Ken Davis, Director, Northeastern Region, Penn State,
Rob Jackson, Director, Southeastern Region, Duke University,
Andrew Burton, Director, Midwestern Region, Michigan Technological 
Bruce Hungate, Director, Western Region, Northern Arizona University,
Torbjörn E. Törnqvist, Director, Coastal Center, Tulane University,
Jeff Amthor, US Department of Energy,

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