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The following text could be used to this end (I also attached a conference flyer to this mail):

"Please find attached a promotional flyer for the the Loss Prevention 2019 Symposium. The LP2019 Symposium is a three-yearly event and represents the most well-known and most important conference worldwide regarding loss prevention in the process industries. The next edition of the conference which will be organized at the TUDelft in the Netherlands on 16-19 June 2019. It is a must-be-present for everyone who is interested in safety and security in the chemical and process industry (process safety as well as occupational safety). You are evidently very much invited to attend this conference.
The abstract submission system is currently open, using the website The different themes where authors can submit their abstracts to, are:
  • Risk assessment and safety management

  • Human and organisational factors of risk and safety

  • Process safety engineering and technological innovations

  • Fires, explosions, and toxic releases

  • Simulation and modelling for safer processes  

  • Physical security and cyber security in process plants

  • Learning from accidents and process safety education

  • Communication of risk and process safety information

  • Leadership, risk governance, and regulatory issues

会议PDF通知下载:pamflet LP2019  LR_web.pdf

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