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Quantitative Imaging Medicine and Surgery (IF4.6) 9月刊部分文章

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Vol 12, No 9 (September 2022): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery


Estimations of bone mineral density defined osteoporosis prevalence and cutpoint T-score for defining osteoporosis among older Chinese population: a framework based on relative fragility fracture risks

Yì Xiáng J. Wáng, Ben-Heng Xiao

PDF Pages: 4346-4360 

Original Article

Micro-CT in ophthalmology: ex vivo preparation and contrasting methods for detailed 3D-visualization of eye anatomy with special emphasis on critical point drying

Jens Runge, Thomas Stahnke, Rudolf F. Guthoff, Andreas Wree, Jonas Keiler

PDF Pages: 4361-4376 

Ferumoxytol-enhanced 4D multiphase, steady-state imaging with magnetic resonance in congenital heart disease: ventricular volume and function across 2D and 3D software platforms

Takegawa Yoshida, Joseph J. Chen, Bill Zhou, J. Paul Finn, Peng Hu, Kim-Lien Nguyen

PDF Pages: 4377-4389 

A miniature U-net for k-space-based parallel magnetic resonance imaging reconstruction with a mixed loss function

Lin Xu, Jingwen Xu, Qian Zheng, Jianying Yuan, Jiajia Liu

PDF Pages: 4390-4401 

Muscle perfusion and the effect of compression garments in delayed-onset muscle soreness assessed with arterial spin labeling magnetic resonance imaging

Christian R. Meixner, Armin M. Nagel, Svenja A. Höger, Lena V. Gast, Marco Wiesmueller, Michael Uder, Matthias S. May, Thilo Hotfiel, Rafael Heiss

PDF Pages: 4462-4473 

Magnetic resonance tractography of the brachial plexus: step-by-step

Ibrahim Ibrahim, Antonín Škoch, Vít Herynek, Ivan Humhej, Jan Beran, Vlasta Flusserová, Eva Rolencová, Martina Juhaňáková, Michal Brzák, Markéta Nagy, Jaroslav Tintěra

PDF Pages: 4488-4501 

Dilated transformer: residual axial attention for breast ultrasound image segmentation

Xiaoyan Shen, Liangyu Wang, Yu Zhao, Ruibo Liu, Wei Qian, He Ma

PDF Pages: 4512-4528 

Clinical evaluation of a novel atlas-based PET/CT brain image segmentation and quantification method for epilepsy

Ying Zhang, Duo Zhang, Zhaofeng Chen, Hongkai Wang, Weibing Miao, Wentao Zhu

PDF Pages: 4538-4548 Full Text (32) 

Ultra-low dose CT for scaphoid fracture detection—a simulational approach to quantify the capability of radiation exposure reduction without diagnostic limitation

Gabriel Keller, Florian Hagen, Leoni Neubauer, Katarzyna Rachunek, Fabian Springer, Mareen Sarah Kraus

PDF Pages: 4622-4632 

Application of deep learning to identify ductal carcinoma in situ and microinvasion of the breast using ultrasound imaging

Meng Zhu, Yong Pi, Zekun Jiang, Yanyan Wu, Hong Bu, Ji Bao, Yujuan Chen, Lijun Zhao, Yulan Peng

PDF Pages: 4633-4646 

Development of a 3D-printed pelvic CT phantom combined with fresh pathological tissues of bone tumor

Xiaomin Li, Bing Wu, Yixuan Zou, Guozhi Zhang, Siyu Liu, Lulu Zhao, Zhengjia Zhang, Wen Wu, Chenglei Liu, Songtao Ai

PDF Pages: 4647-4657 

Review Article

Improving the understanding and performance of clinical MRI using tissue property filters and the central contrast theorem, MASDIR pulse sequences and synergistic contrast MRI

Ya-Jun Ma, Dina Moazamian, Daniel M. Cornfeld, Paul Condron, Samantha J. Holdsworth, Mark Bydder, Jiang Du, Graeme M. Bydder

PDF Pages: 4658-4690 


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