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Holmes深入虎穴,称不发表 peer-reviewed 结果

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       昨天(2015年10月21日),华尔街日报的第二次年度 Wall Street Journal Digital Live (WSJDLive) 在加州Laguna Beach 召开。

       上周三和周四该报连续发表文章,粗暴质疑 Theranos 的体外诊断技术后,早就被安排为该次 WSJDLive 嘉宾的 Elizabeth Holmes 去不去呢?

       明知山有虎,偏向虎山行。Holmes 深入虎穴,如约去了。据说,场面有点尴尬。Holmes 说,(你们)文中的东西拜读了。我们不同意。我们认为它是错误的。而且我们认为它误导人。我从未把你们当无聊小报看,但引用一个前 Theranos 雇员的寡妇爆料是不合适的。

       Holmes  指责华尔街日报没有把 Theranos 的核心技术表达出来。其技术的核心在于从指头取血,结束了传统上从静脉取血的痛苦过程。但在她参会的30分钟时间里,她仍然没有讲出 Theranos 技术的 science 所在, 以及为什么她的技术比别人的先进。

       Holmes 说,Theranos 不会立即去做最能让怀疑者信服的事, 即把他们的测试结果的准确性与现有技术的比较发表在由同行评议的杂志。

      会后,华尔街日报在网上发布了一段陈述, 其中称 "Holmes 女士发表的言论中没有任何部分否认了我们报道的准确性" ,"事实是,Holmes 女士并不知道谁向我们爆料" ,“我们在发表文章之前,曾给 Theranos 充分的机会表达其意见。 Holmes 女士在长达五个多月的时间里拒绝了我们的采访请求”以及 “我们向她和我们的读者保证,我们的爆料人处在一个知道那些信息的位置上, 而且那些信息在我们公布之前经过审查”。


Wall Street Journal Statement Regarding Theranos CEO Interview at WSJD Live

(October 21, 2015)

NEW YORK (October 21, 2015) — The Wall Street Journal has released the following statement regarding today’s interview of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes at WSJD Live (#wsjdlive) in Laguna Beach, Calif.:

“We’d like to thank Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes for agreeing to an interview today at our WSJDLive 2015 conference, and for the opportunity she gave all of our readers and viewers to hear from her. We always seek full input from the subjects of stories, as we did repeatedly throughout our reporting on Theranos.

Nothing said at the conference by Ms. Holmes refutes the accuracy of the reporting done by John Carreyrou or of the articles, which were subject to the Journal’s rigorous and careful editing process. Contrary to Ms. Holmes’s claims, the Journal shared all facts and anecdotes published in the articles with Theranos before publication, in accordance with our longstanding editorial practice and principles. The company was given plenty of opportunity to respond. Ms. Holmes declined interview requests from the Journal for more than five months, but the general counsel and outside counsel of Theranos provided significant input, which was fairly reflected in the articles.

We note that Ms. Holmes sought to challenge the reliability of our sources, but it remains the fact that she doesn’t know from whom the information for our articles was gathered. We assure her and our readers that our sources were well positioned to know the information they provided about Theranos, and they were vetted before publication.

The Journal reiterates that our articles about Theranos were thoroughly reported, fair and wholly accurate.”

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