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Errata: pages as in wetransfer_20240325-introduction-to-scientometrics_2024-03-25_0336

A general remark:  It sometimes happens that authors in reference lists are written in capitals, while most are not. Hence ESTOUP must be Estoup; KESSLER must be Kessler, etc.

Also: you usually write the family name followed by a comma (fine), but sometimes you forget the comma.

Another general remark. Most of the time you write the complete journal name with capitals (I agree), but sometimes you do not. I see: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology but also Annual review of information science and technology. This should be uniform (with capitals).

Chapter 1.

p. 16 quantitative (also p. 53 already signaled)

p.21  Leydesdorff,.  must be Leydesdorff,

p.31 Katy B.   must be Katy Börner

p. 31  If you want to be precise it is Larivière (with a downward accent)

p.35  Shouldn’t it be Glänzel (and not Wolfgang)?

p.55 Otlet wrote about bibliométrie (with upward accent)

Ranganathan used the term  librametrics (with s)

p.67 In German one writes nouns with a capital. Hence it is Gesetz   and Bevölkerungskonzentration

p.69 The last article by B.C. Brookes should be higher up as it is written in 1968 (I assume you put articles by the same author in chronological order). Same problem with Egghe.

p. 72  Leiden Manifesto.  The word “bibliometrics” is not part of the title but was the name of the topic (inserted by Nature). I admit that many colleagues think that bibliometrics was part of the title.

Kessler (1962)  I think you have to remove the [R] and I would also delete the ‘to be published’ part .

Leydesdorff’s book “The challenge of scientometrics” was published by DSWO Press (Leiden) in 1995.

Is Nature. (1923)  correct?

Otlet. Is is “ traité ”  and  “Théorie”  both with upward accents.

p.76  Pritchard NOT Pritchad

The title is:  “Statistical bibliography or bibliometrics? “   Formulated as a question.

It is Kuhn, T.M. (or Thomas if you write the T. in full). So this item must be replaced in the reference list.


Chapter 2.

p.4 Reseller MUST be Rescher (also in reference list)

p.14  I would write “published” instead of “dated”

p. 37 It is Ivie, E.L. (or Evan if you write E in full). Also change the reference list.

p.55 Remove the letter b at the end of  the name Sjögårde

p.56  Fig.2.4.1  is by Boyack (Kevin is a first name)


Chapter 3

p.2 In Goodhart’s law it is “ceases”

p.62 Sybille MUST BE Hinze

p.67 leiden menifeso  MUST be Leiden Manifesto

p.70  Here you write Eck, while normally your write van Eck. I think van Eck is the correct way.

p.71 J. Priem  MUST be Priem, J.

p.72  Lei Tang, Huan Liu.( 2012)  .   Correct?

p.72 Reference to Lorenz: American statistical association  MUST be American Statistical Association

p. 73 Marina Kisley must be Kisley, M.

p.73 forbig  MUST be for big

How to cite (copied from the Internet):

Priem, J., & Hemminger, B. H. (2010). Scientometrics 2.0: New metrics of scholarly impact on the social Web. First Monday, 15(7).

p.74. The reference to my article on the general impact factor (1988) seems to be copied from a Turkish(?) source.  For instance “ve”  must be “and” or “&” as you prefer.  Here is a version, which you may adapt as you like.

Rousseau, R. (1988). Citation distribution of pure mathematics journals. In: Informetrics 87/88 (L. Egghe and R. Rousseau, eds). Elsevier, Amsterdam 1988; pp. 249-262.

I sent you a scan of the inside cover.

Sybille H.  MUST be  Hinze, S.

Chapter 4

p.40 Your reference (in Russian) to Levenshtein is not at the right place.

p.43  Strange reference: Martin S, Jonathan A, David AP. et al.( 2021). 数据分类:理解选择和结果(ISI全球研究报告).

Martin, Jonathan and David are first names (but Martin and David are also family names). I could not open the link.

p.44 Rebecca, G., Jaqueline, R. (2004). Understanding Metadata. National Information Standards Organization. NISO Press.

Rebecca and Jacqueline are certainly first names. Moreover the author of this document is Riley J. (where J stands for Jenn).


Chapter 5.

Page 2 line 11 write: Python

Page 7 Traag is written in Times New Roman 11 pt (other names in pt. 12)

Page 10 Shouldn’t it be Visualization (not VIsualization)?

P. 22 last line write: Chen

p. 23 Write Nees, not Ness

p.38  Is “loet” OK? Don’t you want to write “Leydesdorff”?

p.43 Write Glänzel (as you usually do).

p.46 last English reference (to Zhu). Remove [J]


Chapter 6

p.4  It is not wise-metrics but Metric-wise (= to be or become knowledgeable about metrics)

p.13  loet MUST BE Loet

p.14 not Cassidy , but Sugimoto

p.15 Reference to metric-wiseness. Why address (New York) added? What is the word currens doing there?


Genserik is a first name. You probably mean Reniers.



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