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MM 2014 Ming Liu

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1.     Ming Liu and Henry Proudhon, Finite elementanalysis of frictionless contact between a sinusoidal asperity and a rigidplane: elastic and initially plastic deformations, Mechanics of Materials 77(2014) 125-141.




A series of finite element simulations of frictionless contact deformations between a sinusoidal asperity and a rigid flat are presented. Explicit expressions of critical variables at plastic inception including interference, contact radius, depth of first yielding, and pressures are obtained from curve fitting of simulation results as a function of material and geometrical parameters. It is found Hertz solution is not applicable to the critical contact variables at plastic inception for sinusoidal contact, although contact responses of initially plastic deformation follow the same trend as that of purely elastic deformation. The contact pressure at incipient plasticity, which is defined as yield strength, is dependent on Poisson’s ratio, yield stress, and geometrical parameters, but independent of elastic modulus. It is not yield stress, but yield strength that correlates with indentation hardness. The results yield the insight into the specification of material properties to realize elastic contact. A larger ratio of yield stress to elastic modulus is beneficial to sustain a larger load before plastic deformation.


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