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Overexpression of XY antigen 2 (XY2), an XY cell-surface antigen, is found in a variety of epithelial cancers. An anti-XY2 antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) is a promising approach for cancer treatment.

如果一个全称的英文字数较多,有时还不止一个较长的全称,若它们全部出现在摘要中(即使只出现一次)也会占据较大的空间,这时,我建议用一个不得已的办法,将全称和缩写都放入Key words中,在摘要里只出现缩写(只按一个字计算),就大大节省了空间。

Methods: ……, TOMM40 was identified as a miR-X targeting protein, using several methods, including MS2-TRAP and LC-MS assays, western blot, RNA immunoprecipitation, in situ hybridization, and immunocytochemistry (IHC). ……

Keywords: Translocase of outer mitochondrial membrane 40 homolog (TOMM40), MS2-tagged RNA affinity purification (MS2-TRAP), Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry ( LC-MS)


原始的摘要 391 words(其中结果部分250个字)

Results: T-matched analysis yielded N patients each with X blood transfusion and A B blood transfusion. There were no statistical differences in age, tumor grade, preoperative HB, gender, cytoreductive degree (CCR), peritoneal cancer index (PCI), intravenous chemotherapy, and surgical score (PSS) between the two groups, which were well balanced. There was no significant difference in tumor recurrence rate after surgery between the two groups (P>0.05), and multifactorial analysis showed that CCR was an independent risk factor for tumor recurrence (P<0.05). The median survival time after surgery was N (x-y) months in both groups, and there was a significant difference in postoperative survival between the two groups (P<0.05), with a higher 5-year survival rate (A% vs B%) and longer survival time in the A B group than in the X transfusion group (A±B vs C±D). There were significant differences in HB, HCT, prothrombin time (PT), and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) between the two groups within 24 h after surgery (P<0.05), while HB and coagulation function in the patients with A B transfusion were significantly better than that in the patients with X transfusion. The total hospital stay (P<0.05) and the incidence of serious adverse events (P<0.05) were significantly different between the two groups, with the total hospital stay of the patients with A B transfusion being less than that in the patients with X transfusion (A±B vs C±D) and the incidence of serious adverse events being lower than that of the patients with X transfusion (L% vs M%). 

修改过的摘要 226 words(其中结果部分116个字)

Results: T-matched analysis yielded N patients each with X blood transfusion and A B blood transfusion. Comparison analysis did not show statistical differences in several factors, such as age, tumor grade, tumor recurrence rate after surgery, and others between the two groups. Cytoreductive degree (CCR) was considered an independent risk factor for tumor recurrence. Compared to the X group, the patients in the A B group had a higher 5-year survival rate and longer survival time. Moreover, transfusion of A B blood did not increase the rate of tumor recurrence and total hospital stay after surgery. HB and coagulation functions were well stabilized within 24 hours after surgery, with a low incidence of serious adverse events.


The experiment results are obtained from western blot analysis and immunocytochemistry (IHC). The image records and semi-quantification assay for counting positive cells also contributed to the experiment results. (28 words)


The results are obtained from western blot analysis, immunocytochemistry (IHC), and their image records with a semi-quantification assessment. (18 words)

4、避免使用名词化(the noun style

The investigation provides a highlight of the problem. (8 words)


The investigation highlights the problem. (5 words)


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