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Call for Papers: Decoding Immune Memory Designing Better Vac

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Special Section Title  

Decoding Immune Memory, Designing Better Vaccine


This section will focus on mechanisms of immunological memory, the history and current status of vaccine design.


  • T cell memory

  • B cell memory

  • Innate regulation of immune memory

  • Vaccine design

  • Immunotherapy

  • ...

About Submission

  • Submission deadline

    August 31, 2023

  • Submission format

    format free submission (without needing to worry about formatting your manuscript to meet hLife’s requirements)

  • Note

    Please state in the cover letter that the submission is for the special section

About Publication

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Min Peng

Institute: Tsinghua University

Country: China 

Research area: Answering fundamental questions in T cell biology including T cell activation, proliferation, differentiation, contraction and memory, and developing novel therapeutics for immune-related diseases.

Email: pengmin@tsinghua.edu.cn

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For any further enquiries, please contact Qun Yan (Managing Editor, yanq@im.ac.cn)

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All Article Publishing Charge (APC) fees for accepted articles of hLife will be covered by the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Science before 2025.

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