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The complexity comes from MAUD need to be overcome by the following requirements:

Carefully precede every step to arrive the consistent results. 

Delete the noisy spots, using a short but enough two theta ranges. 

Examine compress direction, whether need to rotate 90 degrees. 

Examine the curvature, sometimes the pressure scale such as Au located at the edge show tensile stress which is inconsistent with sample, then it need to be excluded. 

Manually change chi, phi, omega and etc, closely examine the pole figures. Comparing to the inverse pole figure, pole figures are more reliable. Because, to get inverse pole figure, we have to impose symmetry on to sample and assume the sample is under symmetric geometry, from 2D information to 3D information. 

Still need to know roughly pressure, otherwise MAUD couldn’t run properly with complicated structures, such as olivine. 


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