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    The current Grand Unified Theories (GUTs) is described positively in Wikipedia as the unified theory of the other three natural forces, in addition to gravity, into a single force according to particle physics. However, it is important to note that this unification is dependent on a precondition of a very high energy state, equivalent to 1016 GeV.

To the layperson, the statement implies that the particle physicists have made significant strides towards unification, without taking into account the attached conditions. However the reality is not; indeed, the 1016 GeV energy level represents the early stages of the big bang, and our universe has since cooled down to a now much lower energy state. 

Therefore, the concept of GUTs inherently implies that the three fundamental forces cannot be unified in our current understanding of the universe, say nothing of the gravity. It is to say that, the current work of GUTs has failed in the way of unification. That's truly another the negative side implication of the current GUTs.

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