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Artificial Intelligence DIKWP Evaluation International Stand

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Exploring the Future: The Profound Impact of the First Meeting of the Artificial Intelligence DIKWP Evaluation International Standard Committee

April 6, 2024, marks a historically significant day for the global artificial intelligence field. The Artificial Intelligence DIKWP Evaluation International Standard Committee successfully held its first official meeting, serving not only as a milestone for technological advancement but also as a spectacular scene of international collaboration and intellectual exchange. Top scientists, researchers, and industry leaders from around the world gathered to discuss the vision and strategies for creating a comprehensive, systematic, and fair AGI evaluation standard centered around humanity.

Meeting Opening: Launching a New Chapter of Global Cooperation

Professor Yucong Duan's opening speech unveiled the grand blueprint for the participants. He emphasized that in the rapidly evolving era of artificial intelligence, traditional Turing tests can no longer meet the evaluation needs for large language models and General Artificial Intelligence (AGI). The proposal of the DIKWP evaluation standard aims to fill this gap by establishing a new standard capable of assessing artificial intelligence in multiple dimensions such as understanding, reasoning, creation, and ethics. This standard not only focuses on technological progress but also places the values and social responsibilities of the human community at its core.

Expert Resonance: Drawing the Evaluation Blueprint from Multiple Perspectives

The insightful speeches by experts, including James and others, provided a rich and profound perspective for the formulation of the DIKWP evaluation standard. From strategies to avoid bias to the development of evaluation tools, and from the construction process of international standards to specific application scenarios, each expert contributed their wisdom and experience with their unique insights. They discussed not only technical and methodological issues but also how the standards can reflect and serve social values, ensuring that technological advancement benefits human society.

Strategic Planning: Mapping the Future Blueprint of Evaluation Standards

Another significant outcome of the meeting was the in-depth discussion and planning for the development direction of the DIKWP evaluation standard. Through the joint efforts of the attendees, the meeting outlined a gradually clarifying path and blueprint: from establishing the initial framework of the standard to developing applicable evaluation tools, and then to implementation and verification in various domains and application scenarios. Additionally, the meeting emphasized the openness and inclusiveness of the standard-setting process, encouraging participation from research institutions, businesses, and communities worldwide in the discussion, refinement, and promotion of the standard.

Win-Win Cooperation: Building a New Model of International Cooperation

The successful convening of the first meeting of the Artificial Intelligence DIKWP Evaluation International Standard Committee not only signifies a successful kickoff for the standard-setting work but also represents a beneficial attempt at an international technology cooperation model. This platform allowed scientists and research institutions from various countries to overcome geographical and cultural barriers, jointly addressing the common challenges and opportunities faced by the artificial intelligence field. This spirit of openness and collaboration is crucial for promoting the healthy development of global artificial intelligence technology.

Looking Forward: Jointly Ushering in a New Era of Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence technology continues to advance and its application fields expand, the demand for evaluation standards will become increasingly urgent. The proposal and refinement of the DIKWP evaluation standard aim to provide a common reference and guide for the development of global artificial intelligence. We look forward to the DIKWP evaluation standard becoming a beacon leading the healthy development of artificial intelligence technology, bringing greater welfare to human society.

(We welcome everyone to contact us via email for discussions, or to apply for membership, whether as groups or individuals: duanyucong@hotmail.com. Please indicate “DIKWP AI Evaluation” in your email.)


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