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Tech-Know-Logical englightenment through DIKWP

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Dear Stephen,

I really respect your proposal of :

Research Proposal Technocracy vs. Tech-know-logical Enlightenment in the EU

proposal, which can contribute to

advanced integration of EU politics and knowledge, in the sense of tech-know-logical englightenment

and cultural key elements of the European spirit.

The hypothesis of the proposed project can be read as following:

Even a benevolent technocracy cannot replace technological enlightenment.

The advancement of European integration requires constant enlightenment as public discourse and

policy, with respect to the harmonic and human interplay of physical and spiritual forces, i.e. the

opposite of good is not evil, but well-intentioned.

It is necessary to inject the benevolent technocratic EU machinery with the cultural values of tech-knowlogical enlightenment or the the socio-physical forces of entropy will dissolve the political entity, in

terms of a great historical failure.

Could we try to investigate it through DIKW mapping-modeling-expression-execution-adjustment?




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