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这些年,我一直在想下面的问题,并把它向很多外国大理论生态学家提出,可他们的回复都是 I don't know。

Although it is very easy to intuitively understand Darwin's theory of evolution, i.e, ever increase complexity of system structure sustained by matter, energy and information connections for acclimation, I think that there is a more enormous challenge on how to express it by mathematical models whose analytical expression must also be changed along with time. For example, suppose that at t moment,the kinetic model of a specific ecosystem could be written as follows:

dx/dt= f(t)(t,x,p,u) = 3*x*u- 2*exp(-x)

wheret x, u is state and input, respectively. but at t+t moment,it maybe changed by eco-work during t into new analytical expression as follows:

dx/dt= f(t+t)(t,x,p,u) = x^2-2*exp(-2*x)+u*exp(x)

If we can solve this huge problem, really valid ecological models would be developed to describe

and predict the ecosystem behaviors, such as the species origin, community succession, niche differentiation, ecosystem evolution, and so forth.


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