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我们与重庆大学合作,通过去合金化方法制备出高Cu含量的PtCu纳米多孔材料,该材料表现出优异的催化性能,其催化活性比商业用Pt/C和纯Pt催化剂高50%,具有较好的应用前景。相关研究结果发表在J. Mater. Chem. A 3 (2015) 7939.  (IF=7.4)

A core-shell-structured bimetallic nanoporous PtCu catalyst with a high non-noble metal content (Cu: 55 at%) and uniformly distributed ultrafine ligaments (~3 nm) is fabricated by one-step dealloying a well designed Pt4Cu21Mn75 single-phase ternary precursor in 1 M (NH4)2SO4 aqueous solution. The one-step dealloying involves a two-step corrosion process: one is fast dealloying the most active Mn from the ternary alloy to form nanoporous PtCu and the next step is a slow dealloying process which would slowly dissolve Cu from the PtCu alloy ligament surface forming a core-shell-structured nanoporous PtCu alloy with a Pt shell and a PtCu alloy core. Electrochemical measurements manifest that the core-shell-structured nanoporous PtCu exhibits greatly enhanced catalytic activity towards the electrooxidation of methanol and formic acid compared with both nanoporous Pt and the state-of-the-art Pt/C catalyst. With evident advantages of facile preparation and enhanced catalytic performance, the nanoporous core-shell-structured PtCu catalyst is very promising as an anode catalyst in fuel cells. Moreover, this strategy (i.e., dealloying well-designed Mn-based ternary alloys) can also be used to fabricate other uniform nanoporous core-shell-structured alloys such as the nanoporous NiCu alloy.

JMCA_2015_ core-shell-structured nanoporous PtCu with high Cu conten.pdf

JMCA_2015-SI_ core-shell-structured nanoporous PtCu with high Cu con.pdf


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