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JMCA - MnCO3 lithium ion battery 碳酸锰 石墨烯 锂离子电池

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Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015, DOI: 10.1039/c5ta07390a

Flower-to-petal structural conversion and enhanced interfacial storage capability of hydrothermally crystallized MnCO3 via the in situ mixing of graphene oxide

Shiqiang Zhao, Fan Feng, Faqi Yu and Qiang Shen*

Graphene oxide (GO) possesses high electron conductivity and good chemical-binding ability and thus can

be used as a multifunctional additive for the preparation and application of electrode materials. As for the

hydrothermal crystallization of MnCO 3 herein, the absence of GO causes the formation of MnCO3 flower-

like architectures composed of secondary spindles, while the presence of GO induces the  ower-to-petal

structural  conversion  and  results  in  MnCO 3 spindle–GO  composites.  When  applied  as  Li-ion  battery

anodes, the composite electrode delivers an initial coulombic e  ciency (CE) of 71% and a reversible

capacity of 1474 mA h g 1 in the 400th cycle, much higher than those of MnCO3 flowers (the initial CE

 58%, the 400th capacity  1095 mA h g 1 ) operated under the same conditions. In particular, the

combination of discharging behavior and its di  erential capacity pro  le has been successfully used to

estimate the interfacial contribution fraction (42%) of the whole reversible capacity (i.e., 1474 mA h g 1 )

enhanced by the in situ mixing of 8.3 wt% GO.




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