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Emitting area limitation via scattering control in phosphor film realizing high-luminance laser lighting

Jian Xu, Lanjie Wang, Wen Gu, Zhi Jiang, Xinrong Chen, Baofu Hu*, Baoli Du, Haipeng Ji*(通讯), Carsten Dam-Hansen, Ole B. Jensen

Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2021, in press.


One major benefit of laser lighting is the possibility to achieve very high luminance. In phosphor-converted laser lighting systems, a blue (pump) laser can be focused into a very small spot. However, after excitation of the phosphor, the white-light-emitting area usually increases considerably, which reduces the luminance parameter substantially. Herein, we design and investigate a highly scattering YAG:Ce/glass composite film with a porous microstructure. Both the glass/phosphor interfaces and the introduced pores act as scattering centers, which can confine the emission area effectively. The relationship between the spot size and the microstructure (porosity, phosphor-particle size, thickness) is elucidated. Under excitation with blue laser, the composite film shows a uniform white-light emission with high luminous efficacy (230lm/W) and high saturation threshold (> 40W/mm2), thus achieving a high luminous exitance of 1239lm/mm2. With above excellent properties, the designed composite films show great potential for use in high-luminance laser lighting.




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