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AUGUST 16, 2019


The news, for which I have been waiting for about half a year, finally comes out: rejection. Yes, this is the third time the reviewers thrust my application into a dustbin. Unlike the gesture of many, I remain composed for a while, until I wade through the reviewers’ comments. I did tell myself and my friends that I really do not care that much, but now I find myself inundated by the storm of rage, confusion and complaint. By no means can I have the reason to claim that my proposal is perfect, but, after reading those “expert” comments, I start to be filled with the burning desire to slap those “experts” in the face, call them mother-fuckers, and remove their testicles using a sharpest dagger. Do not get me wrong: The rejection itself is never what I cannot face; what I truly deplore is the reasons they abuse to define the result of all toil as shit in the toilet. Meanwhile, I find it so hard not to imagine their mouth and mind being flooded by tons of filthiest shit on earth. If you do not understand why, below is the list of my reasons.

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