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The second quantum revolution 第二次量子革命 精选

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Physics, in particular, condensed matter physics, is a very old field. Many people are thinking that the exciting time of physics has passed. We enter the begining of the end of physics. The only important things in physics are its engineering applications, such as optical fiber and blue LED.

However, I feel that we only see the end of the begining. The exciting time is still ahead of us. In particular, now is a very exciting time in physics, like 1900 - 1930. We are seeing/making the second quantum revolution which unifies information, matter and geometry. I feel very lucky to be born in this generation.

The following slides describe the previous four revolutions in physics: mechanical revolution, electromagnetic revolution, general relativity revolution, and quantum revolution, as well as the fifth -- the second quantum revolution. Each revolution unifies seemingly unrelated phenomena. Each revolution requires new mathematics to describe the new theory. Each revolution changes our world view.

13DysonA.pdf (The first half of the talk at Conference in Honour of the 90th Birthday of Freeman Dyson ) 

The following slides explain in more details the second quantum revolution: matter = (quantum) information. (I did not explain the deep relation between entanglement and geometry/gravity)

14POTUS.pdf(7.7MB)(The talk at 2014 POTUS meeting in New York)

Here is the meeting program


The two talks in the meeting:

Entanglement & Space-Time Emergence
Speaker: Juan Maldacena
Einstein Equations From Quantum Entanglement
Speaker: Brian Swingle

are about the relation between entanglement and geometry/gravity.

A more detailed review:  arXiv:1210.1281 Topological order: from long-range entangled quantum matter to an  unification of light and electrons Xiao-Gang Wen


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