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科技英语写作基础(系列):阅读摘要,El Niño & Typhoon

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A Long Neglected Damper in the El Niño—Typhoon Relationship: a ‘Gaia-Like’ Process



Proposed in the early 1970’s, the Gaia hypothesis suggests that our planet earth has a self-regulating ability to maintain a stable condition for life. 

Tropical cyclone (TC) is one of the earth’s most hazardous disasters; it is intriguing to explore whether ‘Gaia-like’ processes may exist in nature to regulate TC activities. 



El Niño can shift the forming position of the Western Pacific typhoons away from land. 

评论:用genesis location更好。体会一下locationposition的区别。西太平洋,应该用小写western.

This shift enables typhoons to travel longer distances over ocean and is known to be a positive process to promote TCs to achieve higher intensity. 


What is neglected, however, is that there co-exists a negative process.

评论:What is neglected, however, is a negative process that co-exists (with the shift).

Here we show that during El Niño, typhoons intensify over region undergoing strong ocean subsurface shoaling where upper ocean heat content can drop by 20–50%.

评论:(No comma there.) Try “strong thermocline shoaling.”


This ‘worsen’ ocean pre-condition can effectively reduce ocean’s energy supply for typhoon intensification during typhoon-ocean interaction. 


We find this an elegant, ‘Gaia-like’ process demonstrating nature’s self-regulating ability. 


Though during El Niño, typhoons can take advantage of the longer travelling distance over ocean to achieve higher intensity, nature is also providing a damper to partially cancel this positive impact. 

评论:No comma there. Use “also provides.” 这句话,不够严谨。

Without the damper, the situation could be even worse.

评论:用”worse” or “much worse.”

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