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在近期爱德华休斯医学研究所howard hughes medical institute内部的杂志有一专栏特邀若干HHMI investigators来谈一谈如何在实验室内部鼓励创新。全文在以下链接中可以找到 博主有幸与受访者中的其中一人颇有接触。个人认为有些观点,字字珠玑,很有借鉴意义。虽然现代互联网很发达,噪声信息也随之曾多。 因此,有意义的信息也许值得反复放大。 摘抄最有意思的片段如下,以飨读者,以供自勉。

How do you encourage innovation in your lab?  

Great scientists are also great innovators. New ideas, techniques, and devices form the bedrock of scientific discovery. Here, four researchers share how they inspire innovation in the lab.

Eric Betzig

Janelia Farm Research Campus

I try to encourage my group to:
a) Not follow the academic herd.
b) Keep an eye out for the unexpected.
c) Focus on what's not working—understanding the problem is half the battle.
d) Work harder than the other guy.
e) Not get trapped by their success.

Craig S. Pikaard

Indiana University Bloomington

There is no simple formula. Innovation requires having a sense of what questions to pursue, possessing a broad enough perspective to piece together clues and synthesize hypotheses, maintaining a healthy skepticism of existing models, grasping the limitations of current technologies, knowing how and when to seek out collaborators, and being willing to go for it when a promising idea comes to mind. Imagination, creativity, and exploration are what make science fun, and in my lab, we revel in these aspects of our work. I look for creative junior colleagues like those described in an ad for IBM fellows decades ago: dreamers, heretics, gadflies, mavericks, and geniuses.

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