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  • 如何利用真空标度(VRBE)能级图理性设计与探索长余辉发光与光存储材料增强出版

  • How to rational design and explore afterglow and storage phosphors by using the vacuum referred binding energy (VRBE) diagram




本文将简要介绍无机长余辉发光材料与光存储材料的概念,以及它的起源和研究现状。本文首先简述了三种经典商业长余辉发光与光存储材料。基于这三种商业的发光材料,简要分析了理性设计这类材料存在的问题。本文将介绍如何基于真空标度能级图(vacuum referred binding energy (VRBE) diagram)来设计长余辉发光与光存储材料的策略。首先,介绍了真空标度能级图的定义和构建其所需要的模型参数和实验光谱数据。在稀土离子掺杂无机化合物真空标度能级图的基础上,将介绍二价和三价铋离子的真空标度能级位置。其次,基于YPO4模型材料的真空标度能级图,将介绍电子释放模型和空穴释放模型的定义和区别。最后,将结合稀土离子和铋离子掺杂REPO4 (RE=La, Y, Lu)和NaYGeO4家族化合物的真空标度能级图,简要介绍如何设计电子与空穴陷阱中心,以及如何调控电子或空穴陷阱的深度。真空标度能级图对讨论载流子的捕获与释放,以及理性设计与探索无机长余辉发光与光存储材料具有一定的指导意义。


The definition, history, and developments of inorganic afterglow and storage phosphors will be shortly introduced. Three state-of-the-art phosphors of SrAl2O4:Eu2+,Dy3+, BaFBr(I):Eu2+, and Al2O3:C chip will be first introduced. Based on the above three state-of-the-art phosphors, the issues to the rational design of afterglow and storage phosphors will be shortly analyzed. This work will demonstrate a strategy that how to rational design of inorganic afterglow and storage phosphors based on a so-called vacuum referred binding energy (VRBE) diagram. Firstly, we will shortly introduce what is the vacuum referred binding energy diagram and how it can be constructed by combining the VRBE model required parameters and experimental spectroscopy data. In a VRBE diagram for an inorganic compound including the level locations of lanthanides, the VRBE in the ground or excited states of Bi2+ and Bi3+ will be discussed and added. Secondly, based on the VRBE diagram of the model YPO4 compound, the definition and difference of an electron release model and a hole release model will be shortly introduced. Finally, how to rational design of electron or hole capturing centres and how to tailor their trapping depths will be demonstrated by utilizing the lanthanides and bismuth doped REPO4 (RE=La, Y, or Lu) and the NaYGeO4 family compounds. The constructed VRBE diagrams for different inorganic compounds will help us to identify and discuss charge carrier trapping and release processes, therefore promoting the development of inorganic afterglow and storage phosphors in a design way instead of by a trial-and-error method.

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