设计LiTaO3:Ln3+,Eu3+ (Ln = Tb or Pr)光存储材料及其在防伪和柔性X射线成像应用

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论文题目:Designing LiTaO3:Ln3+,Eu3+ (Ln = Tb or Pr) perovskite dosimeter with excellent charge carrier 

storage capacity and stability for anti-counterfeiting and flexible X-ray imaging


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  • Eu3+ was evidenced as a good electron trapping centre.

    Excellent LiTaO3:Ln3+,Eu3+ (Ln = Tb or Pr) dosimeters were rationally developed.

  • Charge carriers can be stored more than 1000 h.

  • New and advanced X-ray imaging application for curved objects was realized.

  • Promising and advanced anti-counterfeiting applications were demonstrated.

摘要:Developing X-ray charged dosimeters with excellent charge carrier storage capacity and stability is

 challenging. Such energy storage dosimeters have fascinating use in developing novel applications, 

for instance, in radiation detection, advanced multimode anti-counterfeiting, and flexible X-ray 

imaging of curved objects. Herein, novel LiTaO3:Ln3+,Eu3+ (Ln = Tb or Pr) perovskite dosimeters are

 reported by combining the vacuum referred binding energy (VRBE) diagram of LiTaO3 and the 

optimization of dopant’s concentration and compound synthesis condition. Based on the VRBE 

diagram prediction, charge carrier capturing and de-trapping processes in Eu3+ and/or Ln3+ (Ln = Tb

 or Pr) doped LiTaO3 will be studied to unravel the role of Eu3+ as a good electron trapping centre 

and to discover a record storage phosphor. The ratios of the thermoluminescence intensity of the 

optimized LiTaO3:0.005Tb3+,0.001Eu3+ to that of the state-of-the-art BaFBr(I):Eu2+, Al2O3:C, or 

NaLuF4:Tb3+ are 5.2, 8.8, or 2.8, respectively. The charge carriers can be stored more than 1000 h 

in LiTaO3:0.005Tb3+,0.001Eu3+. Proof-of-concept anti-counterfeiting application will be demonstrated

 by combining the colour-tailorable photoluminescence, afterglow, thermally, or optically stimulated

 luminescence in LiTaO3:0.005Tb3+,xEu3+ and LiTaO3:0.005Pr3+,0.001Eu3+. Multimode 

anti-counterfeiting application will be proposed by combining a high absolute X-ray scintillation 

light yield of 19000 ± 1800 ph/MeV of LiTaO3:0.005Tb3+,0.001Eu3+. Proof-of-concept flexible 

X-ray imaging application will be demonstrated by using the optimized LiTaO3:0.005Tb3+,0.001Eu3+ 

dispersed in a silicone gel film.


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