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I'm afraid the only thing that I can do is reading.

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Dear friends,

Welcome to my inner world.

It is the second year of my research life.

During the past years, I learnt some new knowledge and experimental techniques.

Enjoying the process of reading books and doing experiments,

sometimes, I lost myself in a world created by myself.

The feeling was so cool.

Fighting with my laziness, I forced myself to learn more knowledge, such as, improving my English level.

That is the reason why I write the blog.

There is a proverb that people are only good at what they do.

I'm afraid the only thing that I can do is reading.

I don't know how to communicate with other people and understand them.

Actually, I don't want to disturb them, and is shy to do so.

People may dislike me, a shy and dull young man.

It's hard to do so, but I have to change myself to adapt to the environment.

Recently, I have suffered from an important loss, which,from the depths of my soul, forced me to correct my shortcomings.

Best wishes,

Xiaoqing Wei


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