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Title: Rainfall pulse primarily drives litterfall respiration and its contribution to soil respiration in a young exotic pine plantation in subtropical China

Authors: Yidong Wang, Zhong-Liang Wang, Huimin Wang, Changcheng Guo, and Wankui Bao
Journal: Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Abstract: Although litterfall respiration (RL) is a key process of soil carbon dynamics in forests, factors that drive RL and its contribution to soil respiration (RS) have not been sufficiently studied. Using a litter removal method, we researched RL and the ratio of RL:RS in a 20-year-old exotic slash pine (Pinus elliottii Englem.) plantation in subtropical China. Soil temperature explained 67%, 78%, and 25% of variation in RS, mineral soil respiration (RS-L), and RL, respectively, but had little impact on RL:RS. To study influences besides temperature, measured RS and RS-L were normalized using the Arrhenius equation. Even though this subtropical plantation was characterized by a humid climate with abundant precipitation, a rainfall pulse induced increase in soil moisture primarily drove RL and its contribution to RS but depressed RS-L. The response of RL to rainfall and soil moisture was significantly more sensitive than that of RS-L. Furthermore, the effects of rainfall and soil moisture on RS, RL, and RL:RS were higher during the dry season (July–December) than during the wet season (January–June). In the context of climate change, RL and its contribution to RS are expected to decrease because of the predicted decrease in rainfall amount and frequency in subtropical regions.


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