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   这篇文章主要利用理想模式分析了快速涡丝化带(rapid filamentation zone)中的非绝热加热/冷却作用对热带气旋的结构和强度的影响。虽然一审结果为major revision,但是审稿人的意见和建议还是相对容易回答,主要的修改来自于添加了关于绝对角动量收支的诊断分析。其实由于其他事的干扰,直到修改截止日期那天才将修改稿返回。不过今天编辑来信直接告知文章接受,倍感愉悦。



Dear Dr. Li,
Thank you for your revised manuscript "Effects of Diabatic Heating/Cooling in Rapid Filamentation Zone on Structure and Intensity of a Simulated Tropical Cyclone." I am pleased to tell you that your work has now been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. Congratulations!
Copies of the reviews are enclosed for your information. Reviewer 3 made a minor suggestion that you use the "comma and period" in the equation consistent with the AMS format.  This minor correction can be made in page proof process post acceptance.
Thank you once again for considering the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences for the publication of your paper.
Best regards,

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