Nano-Micro Letters 2009年第一期发表的论文

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1. Y. Z. Xie, V. P. Kunets, Z. M. Wang, V. Dorogan, Y. I. Mazur, J. Wu and G. J. Salamo, “Multiple Stacking of InGaAs/GaAs(731) Nanostructures”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 1-3 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p1-3 

2. X. Y. Han, Y. H. Gao and X. H. Zhang, “One-dimensional GaN nanomaterials transformed from one-dimensional Ga2O3 and Ga nanomaterials”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 4-8 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p4-8 

3. Z. J. Li, L. Wang, Y. J. Su, P. Liu and Y. F. Zhang, “Semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by S-doping”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 9-13 (2009).doi:10.5101/nml.v1i1.p9-13 

4. L. X. Zhang, M. Zhu, L. M. Guo, L. Li and J. L. Shi, “Bilirubin adsorption property of mesoporous silica and amine-grafted mesoporous silica”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 14-18 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p14-18 

5. X. Mo, T. Mizokuro, C. Heck, N. Tanigaki and T. Hiraga, “Graded doped structure fabricated by vacuum spray method to improve the luminance of polymer light-emitting diodes”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 19-22 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p19-22 

6.  K. B. Zheng, H. T. Shen, C. N. Ye, J. L. Li, D. L. Sun and G. R. Chen, “The Electrical Switching Characteristics of Single Copper Tetra-cyanoquinodimethane Nanowire”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 23-26 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p23-26 

7. L. M. Guo and J. L. Shi, “A Vacuum Nano-casting Route to Magnetite Cores/Mesoporous Silica Shell Composites”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 27-29 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p27-29 

8. Y. Koide, M. Y. Liao, J. Alvarez, M. Imura, K. Sueishi and F. Yoshifusa, “Schottky photodiode using submicron thick diamond epilayer for flame sensing”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 30-33 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p30-33 

9. C. Wang and K. Xia, “Ballistic Current induced Effective Force on Magnetic Domain Wall”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 34-39 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p34-39 

10. V. Švrček, “Colloidal Silicon Nanocrystallites for Low-cost Solar Cell Development”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 40-44 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p40-44 

11. Z. Wang, X. Y. Ma, J. W. Song and J. H. Yao, “Optical properties of ZnO and Mn-doped ZnO nanocrystals fabrication by vapor phase transport processes”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 45-48 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p45-48 

12. L. Y. Zhang, J. Wang, L. M. Wei, P. Liu, H. Wei and Y. F. Zhang, “Synthesis of Ni nanowires via a hydrazine reduction route in aqueous ethanol solutions assisted by external magnetic fields”, Nano-Micro Lett. 1, 49-52 (2009). doi: 10.5101/nml.v1i1.p49-52

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