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这些四月截止的征稿特辑适合你么?| 生物医药 材料工程 天文地质 | Scientific Reports

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Antimicrobial resistance 


客座编辑:Khalid B. Beshir, Sascha Brunke, María Soledad Ramírez, 

The decreasing susceptibility of disease-causing microorganisms to commonly used drugs, termed Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), is one of the most significant public health concerns facing the world today. Actively monitoring the emergence and spread of drug resistance in pathogen populations, characterising underlying molecular mechanisms and developing novel interventional strategies, are all critically important for combating the serious threats posed by AMR. This Collection aims to bring together original research in these key areas and welcomes submissions exploring AMR and countermeasures in bacterial, fungal, viral and protozoan pathogens.


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Perovskite photovoltaics: stability and scalability


客座编辑:Lakshminarayana Polavarapu, Shuxia Tao, Paola Vivo

Perovskites are a promising class of materials in photovoltaics, having reached power conversion efficiencies of greater than 25%. However, their widespread application is still hindered by limited stability and difficulty in scaling up. This Collection will showcase developments in perovskite research, from enabling larger-scale production to manufacturing more stable perovskite solar cells.


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Sex differences in physiology and disease 


客座编辑:Anthony Auger, Maria Mavrikaki, Marianne Seney

Scientists and physicians have known for thousands of years that sex is a factor in physiology, pharmacology, and pathology. Nevertheless, despite a general understanding that sex differences are an important consideration in medicine and research, early efforts to reduce experimental variability - and improve clinical trial safety - resulted in preclinical and clinical studies primarily being conducted on same-sex, mostly male cohorts. However, there is increasing awareness that unexplored sex differences in research is limiting our understanding of drug mechanisms and disease progression. This Collection explores the latest research considering the role that sex plays in both physiology and disease, and encourages studies that take these differences into account in their experimental design.


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客座编辑:Octavio Luiz Franco, Morgan Fullerton, Elsa Sanchez-Lopez

The last decade has witnessed an explosion in research examining the interplay between the immune response and the intracellular metabolic pathways that mediate it. Research in the field of immunometabolism has revealed how these pathways regulate the host response to infection, autoimmunity, cancer, and wound healing and raises exciting possibilities for new ways to treat these conditions. Research has now turned to the plethora of metabolites that regulate these pathways and how we might use them to optimize our immune response. This Collection draws together new findings in immunometabolism, showcasing recent discoveries in the field and the new therapeutics they may give rise to.


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Waste management of batteries 


客座编辑:Lorna Anguilano, Rumana Hossain, Nazmul Huda

As governments all over the world introduce policies and supporting infrastructures to meet the environmental targets internationally agreed in the Paris Agreement, the electric vehicle (EV) market is blooming. It is expected that traditional combustion-engine vehicles will be completely withdrawn from the market within a few decades. As the electrification of the future mobility continues apace, an emerging challenge arises: recycling batteries that are currently not designed to be recycled.

This Collection aims to gather and facilitate research on new technologies, circular economy strategies for batteries to underpin a more sustainable future and meet net-zero emissions targets.


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客座编辑:Joel B. Dacks, Mark C. Field, Anja Spang

The origin of the eukaryotic cell has dramatically influenced the breadth and direction of life on Earth. However, the mechanism through which the first two prokaryotic cells came together, and what drove this association, is still a matter of contention. An expanding repertoire of distantly related eukaryotes, as well as recent technological advances, afford biologists the opportunity to elucidate which traits may have been present in the first eukaryote. In addition, the reduced complexity of eukaryotic parasites, and the symbiotic relationships that they form, provide important insights into the mechanisms of symbiosis. This Collection invites original research on the origin of the eukaryotic cell, including the associated tools and organisms that may help advance our understanding.


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Frequency combs


客座编辑:Giulio Cerullo, Ryuji Morita, Haoyun Wei(清华大学)

A frequency comb is a light source which presents equidistant lines (teeth) in the frequency domain; the type of laser used to create the comb dictates its characteristics, e. g. spectral range. Frequency combs are essential in a variety of metrology applications, measuring the light emitted by objects such as lasers, atoms, and stars with extraordinarily high precision; they also have a critical role in the development of atomic clocks. This Collection will bring together original research in the topic of laser technologies, focusing on their exploitation for the creation of frequency combs, as well as the use of frequency combs in a range of exciting application areas.


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Gravitational waves


客座编辑:Pedro Pina Avelino, Irene Di Palma, Tomohiro Harada

Nearly a century after gravitational waves had been predicted in Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, disturbances in the fabric of space-time, propagating as waves at the speed of light, were directly observed emanating from a collision between two massive black holes. The cosmological scale of this event underscores the challenge of identifying these signals. However, these ripples also provide a new way to look at the cosmos; "gravitational-wave astronomy" enables scientists to observe massive objects and events that leave little to no observable light, and would otherwise be undetectable. This significantly extends the reach of astronomers, as well as the questions that might be addressed. This Collection invites original research on the study of gravitational waves, their sources, and their methods of detection.


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Anthropogenic modifications 


客座编辑:Andrea Belgrano, Federica Cucchiella, Dong Jiang(中国科学院地理科学与资源研究所)

Humans have become one of the primary forces shaping our planet, altering climatic, geological and biological systems at an unprecedented pace. A whole new geological period has been proposed, the Anthropocene, which highlights just how much of a priority the reduction and management of anthropogenic pressures is becoming on a global scale. This Collection will provide a platform for current research on the impacts that human activities have on the environment, as well as on scientific advances providing sustainable solutions.


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