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AC2024 —— 第二届世界人工意识大会欢迎您

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AC2024 —— 第二届世界人工意识大会欢迎您





在人工智能(AI)技术迅猛发展的今日,我们见证了其在处理数据、信息和知识(DIK)层面的卓越能力。然而,真正的技术革新不仅仅在于处理复杂数据,更在于如何让机器深入理解人类的智慧(Wisdom, W)和意图(Purpose, P)。AC2024大会是一个专注于这一前沿领域——人工意识(AC)的全球性会议,探讨如何将这些更高维度的处理能力整合到AI系统中,从而开启技术的新纪元,并推动人机交互的边界向前延伸。




  • 深入讨论智慧与意图的转化:AC2024大会将详细探讨如何将智慧转化为AI系统中的高级数据解释能力,以及如何让意图成为驱动这些系统前行的核心动力。这包括如何使机器更好地进行情境分析、风险评估和创新思维。

  • 国际领先的思想领袖分享:本次大会将汇集全球的科学家、研究者和技术创新者,他们将分享在整合智慧与意图到人工意识系统中的最新研究成果和技术突破,从理论到实践的全方位展示。

  • 实际案例与应用展示:参与者将有机会直接体验到最前沿的AC系统在实际操作中的表现,包括在医疗健康、金融服务、智能制造和自动化等行业中如何实现革命性的变革。

  • 策略和伦理工作坊:通过专题论坛和领域分会,参与者可以探讨如何在设计和部署AC系统时保持技术创新与伦理责任的平衡,同时考虑技术发展对社会的影响和伦理问题。









AC2024-The 2nd World Conference on Artificial ConsciousnessIntroduction:

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology rapidly advances, we have witnessed its extraordinary capabilities in processing Data, Information, and Knowledge (DIK). However, the future of technology extends beyond complex data handling, aiming to empower machines with an understanding of Wisdom (W) and Purpose (P). AC2024 is a global conference focused on this cutting-edge domain — Artificial Consciousness (AC), exploring how to integrate these higher dimensions of processing into AI systems to usher in a new era of technology.

The Fundamental Difference Between AC and AI:

Traditional AI conferences often focus on enhancing system automation and decision-support through the DIK model. In contrast, AC2024 will delve into implementing the DIKWP model — a more comprehensive framework that includes Data, Information, Knowledge, and the newly added layers of Wisdom and Purpose. This unique interaction mode enables AC systems not only to understand information but also to foresee and internalize human intentions, making decisions that align more closely with human expectations.

Conference Highlights:

  • In-depth Discussions on Wisdom and Purpose: The conference will explore how Wisdom can be understood as an advanced level of data interpretation and application in AI systems, and how Purpose becomes the core driving force behind these systems.

  • Keynotes from Global Thought Leaders and Innovators: Leading scientists, researchers, and technology innovators from around the world will share their latest research and breakthroughs in integrating Wisdom and Purpose into artificial consciousness systems.

  • Case Studies and Applications: Attendees will experience first-hand how cutting-edge AC systems are being applied across various industries such as healthcare, financial services, intelligent manufacturing, and automation.

  • Strategy and Ethics Workshops: Participate in in-depth discussions on balancing technological innovation with ethical responsibility when designing and deploying AC systems, ensuring that technology advancement also considers societal impacts and moral issues.

Networking and Collaboration:

AC2024 is not just a platform for showcasing technology but also a crucial venue for fostering international cooperation and knowledge sharing. The conference will feature dedicated networking sessions allowing participants from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborative ventures.

Conference Goals:

AC2024 is committed to advancing global academic and industrial progress in the field of artificial consciousness. By facilitating thorough technical and theoretical discussions, the conference aims to deepen understanding of the DIKWP model. We hope to not only drive technological progress but also promote a collective advance in the global tech community's journey towards the future of AI.


Join us at AC2024 to explore the profound mysteries of artificial consciousness and witness how artificial intelligence is transforming from a mere automation tool into a truly intelligent system capable of understanding and anticipation. Registration is open soon, and we invite tech experts, academics, and industry leaders worldwide to contribute to defining the future of artificial consciousness.

Contact Information:

For more information and to register, please visithttp://www.yucongduan.org/DIKWP-AC/2024/#/

At AC2024, let us shape the future of artificial intelligence together, exploring its potential in advanced understanding and decision-making capabilities.


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